I started out as a nightclub photographer at different clubs around Zealand. Along the way I connected with guests that needed a photographer for their wedding, birthday and so on. Of course I recommended myself.


Those jobs kept me busy until I started at the Copenhagen Business School. After that I got accepted into the Danish School ol Media and Journalism. Approximately 200 applicants and 18 accepted, me being one of them.


During the 3 years I sharpened my skills and explored the different genres of photography, until I fell in love with wedding and car photography. The car photography part came from my internship at Audi Denmark, working as their in house photographer.


Today I work in both fields as a freelance photographer, but primarily I focus on my full time job as a Content Creator for Viggo. Viggo is a danish 100% zero-emission taxi company, that I helped build up from the ground. I am solely responsible for all photo, video - and

graphic material going out on our channels.