Anders Rohlin Olsen
Born May 31. 1995
Elsinore, Denmark
Upstart in 2008
Danish School of Media and Journalism



I started out photographing at nightclubs around Denmark. Not the best payout but hey, free drinks and a lot of female attention... It also got me in touch with some people who knew some people who needed a photographer for their wedding, birthday and so on. Getting more and more jobs like these, finally got me to a stage where I could afford a decent camera that would let me take on even more and bigger jobs.


I pursued photography and filmmaking through my school years, studying at The Danish School of Media and Journalism. At the time I was an intern at Audi Denmark as their house photographer. We were under the same roof as Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Ducati and I got to do some work for those brands also. Working for 6 months with some of the biggest brands in the industry was a blast and I really found my specialty there: automotive photography. 


I am currently working as a full time Content Creator for Viggo - a green Scandinavian taxi company running 100% on zero-emission vehicles. 



Please contact me if you think I would suit your next project.