Anders Olsen Fotografi


About me


Anders Rohlin Olsen

Born May 31. 1995

Espergaerde, Denmark

Upstart in 2008

Danish School of Media and Journalism


Big - Bright - Colorful

I think that describes my style pretty well.


I started out photographing at nightclubs around Denmark. Not the best salary but hey, free drinks. It also got me in touch with some people who knew someone that knew someone who needed a photographer for their wedding, birthday etc. Getting more and more jobs like these, finally got me to a stage where I could afford a decent camera that would let me take more and bigger jobs. I perused photography trough my school years and are currently studying at The Danish School of pho.... you probably read it already. I recently got an internship at Audi Denmark, where I’m gonna photograph all of their cars on danish plates, as their whole image bank consists of cars with German ones. That and a lot of other exciting tasks. I’m counting down the days. 

So yeah, in the future I hope to make those car commercials you see on tv (I mean the good ones). And also images for billboards, magazines etc. I’m not a petrol head, I just love the looks of (most) cars, the story behind them and the people in them. And working with what I love... I mean how much better can it get?

Please do contact me if you think I would suit your next project.